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Lips Enhancement

Lips Enhancement

Bring Colour and Light Up your world with our lips enhancement Korean technique. Lips colour will be filled in and enhance thus creating the perfect look and smile you craved for!! (Even without the use of lipsticks)

Lips that are pale or dark are most recommended for lips enhancement as it is guaranteed to change you with bright and healthy looking lips that brings out your soul and personality!!

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Types Of Lips Enhancement

Services Descriptions Price
Normal Lips Normal Lips enhansment will bring you natural looking healthy pink lips  $888
Diamond Gloss Lips Diamond Gloss lips enhancement has a high end effect of glossy pink lips  $1188

*Done By Kelly additional $300.00

A Glance @ Lips Enhancement

Steps (210mins) Standard Process

1 - Consultation and Analysis 15mins

Free consultation with our specialists and professional advice will be given

2 - Outlining of desired lip shape 15mins

This is to ensure that desired shape is symmetrical. Adjustments might be made a few times before continuing to next step.

3 - Apply anesthetic lip mask 45mins

A sheet of anesthetic lip mask will be applied onto the lip for painless treatment.

4 - Outlining of lip with needle 5mins

Outlining will make the fill in process easier afterwards.

5 - Fill in lip and complete process 20mins

Our specialist will fill in your lip with your desired color and ensuring that no area is left out.

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