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Eyeliner Embroidery

Eyeliner Embroidery

With your perfect eyeliner embroidery, we will able to "enhance your features" by making your eyes appearing bigger. Hence even without any makeup application you will achieve natural facial features creating a long lasting natural look. 

Eyeliner embroidery is done either manually or by machinery, both methods will bring different results and durability.

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Types Of Eyeliner Embroidery

Services Descriptions Price
Eyeliner by Manual Eyeliner by Manual can last 1 year plus to 2 years $308 for upper lid
$538 for upper and lower lid
Eyeliner by Machine Eyeliner by Machine can last 3 to 5 years. The effects of the lines are shiny and distinct.  $488 for upper lid
$908 for upper and lower lid

*Done by Kelly is additional $200.00

A Glance @ Eyeliner Embroidery

Steps (45mins) Standard Process

1 - Consultation and Analysis 15mins

Free consultation with our specialists and professional advice will be given.

2 - Numbing Process 15 - 20mins

We begin with applying guarantee painless numbing cream to the eyelid so as to lessen the pain. 

3 - Eyeliner Embroidery Design & Shaping 20mins

Our eyeliner specialist will draw on the eyelid. Numbing cream will be applied along the way to avoid any discomfort or irritation.

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